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27 Jun 2008


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue & How To Make The Wedding Reception A Success

By John Stronack

You have made the most important decision of your life, to get married, and most importantly, you have found the right partner to share your life with. Great! Now you have to decide on the perfect venue for your wedding, which is not as easy as it seems. For any event to be a success, meticulous planning and foresight are pre-requisites. We have thought of everything for your D-day and have a few ideas to share with you:

The Wedding Scene!

When choosing where to hold your wedding reception, keep in mind the number of people you plan to invite. Always make it a point to visit the venue before finalizing the terms of the agreement and don’t be shy to ask questions and to look all over the place to satisfy your curiosity. Preferably, choose a venue not too far from where the wedding ceremony will take place, a matter of convenience for you and your guests.

In order to facilitate all this, you must make it a point to book the venue in advance. Compare the various choices available to you based on factors such as:

• rent;

• square footage;

• food;

• ambiance;

• reputation;

• parking;

• accessibility; and

• décor.

There are many additional factors that need to be considered depending on your circumstances. The best way to evaluate a reception hall is based on value. Ask yourself this question: Do you feel you are getting your money’s worth?

Value for Money

One reception hall may seem to have a higher price per meal, but it may include all sorts of services that a lower-priced hall does not offer. For example, be sure to find out whether the price includes table linens (there may be an extra charge for colored tablecloths or napkins), glass barware (some facilities use plastic cups to save money which could look tacky!), china, table centerpieces, etc. Finally, value for money can be relative and depends on what you consider most important. It helps to have a well-defined set of criteria when evaluating and comparing potential wedding venues.

Bar Area

Another aspect that requires consideration is the bar area. After the ceremony, your guests will probably be thirsty and will want something to drink. Decide whether to offer alcohol or just soft drinks. You will also want to decide what to serve during the toast and how to serve it. Some locations will have a built-in bar. If the location doesn't have one, you will want to make sure you can serve alcohol there. With bars, costs can soar high. Be sure that you have an accurate handle on the costs of an open bar or set a limit on the amount of alcohol to be served. Since receptions can last a long time, you might want to have a limited bar period and then serve other beverages for the remaining of the reception.

Sure-Fire Success Formula

Your wedding reception could be a smashing event with careful planning:

The More, the Merrier!

Wedding receptions are marked by large numbers. If your budget permits, ensure that you have more than 100 guests.

Gastronomical Experience

An elaborate wedding menu with too many choices can be mind-boggling and the guests may not be able to savour the experience after all. Keep the menu simple.

Ensure Suppliers Stick to Their Commitments

Arrange proper contracts with your suppliers like bands, DJ, florists, caterers. Make sure you have everything in writing from your suppliers and give them in return written confirmation. Inquire about any additional costs that could be charged for such things as accommodation, traveling, and meals.

On a final note, make it a point to consult with the groom and try to take into consideration his preferences. It will give him a sense of participation and, after all, he is getting married too!

You have worked really hard to make your wedding reception a grand success. Relax and enjoy your day.

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